Segno Cuts

Fiore Dei Liberi described seven cuts or blows, two Fendenti (right or left downward cuts from a high position) two Sottani (right or left upward cuts from a low position), two Mezani or Mezzane (horizontal cuts), and Ponte (the straight thrust). Filippo Vadi taught the same six cuts and one thrust, but called his horizontal cuts Volanti. Vadi’s right-to-left cuts are Derito and his left-to-right cuts were Manreverso. While Filippo Vadi speaks of “seven cuts”, he lists only three (Fendente, Volanti, and the Rota), but as each of these can be employed either left or right, along with Punte (his thrust) they make for seven attacks. Neither Fiore Dei Liberi nor Fillipo Vadi distinguished between different angles vertical or diagonal) of cut, all descending cuts were Fendenti. Pietro Monte advised Manudextri (blows from right to left) and Manusinistri (from left to right). Monte taught only 2 primary cuts: both diagonal rising cuts from either right or left (and a thrust, Stocchata Vel Puncta). These cuts and thrusts were invariably used in swift combinations of 2 to 3 strokes. See Cuts (German).

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